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When you use our website to access any of the popular travel sites above, we get a small commission. We then donate that commission to support refugees around the world. The best part? It doesn’t cost you a cent. (Pretty sweet, right?) Find out more about how it works below.

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Book through the world's most known and reputable travel companies



Generate donations to charities around the world at no additional cost to you



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"Leave a Trace sounds too good to be true, but it’s not- you can do something good for the world in less than five seconds. I flew to Miami for a friend's wedding, and in doing so, I made a donation to a nonprofit that fights child homelessness. This hit particularly close to home because Florida is one of the most dangerous states in the country for homeless people."

“Leave a Trace was very simple and easy to use. I booked a hotel through this site and everything went smoothly – identical experience to booking through google."

"Using Leave A Trace is exactly like any other booking site except for one major difference, I know that part of my purchase is actually going to charity. My hotel booking helped support children from disadvantaged backgrounds. It’s a great feeling. I will definitely book my travel through this site going forward.”

"Every time I want to make a purchase on Amazon.com, I use Leave a Trace's link to take me there. It enables me to support worthwhile causes with my everyday purchases, and all it takes is a couple of extra seconds. Plus, if I ever forget and go straight to Amazon, the Leave a Trace Chrome extension does a great job reminding me to use the link!"

About Us

We’re here because we are travelers. We’re here to ensure that every trip gives at least a little back to a world that has given us so much. Our lives have been deeply enriched by visits to places near and far. While those visits have given us so much, they sometimes leave nothing behind. Foreign ownership of airlines, hotels, and other travel amenities often prevent dollars spent from flowing into communities.

Outdoors adventurers have long held up the ideal of “leave no trace” because nature is not improved upon by human remnants. But we think travel should aspire to a different standard. We want to leave the communities we visit at least a little better. We’re here to Leave a Trace.


February 1, 2016



Our Team

  • Luc Robinson
    Toronto, Ontario
    Luc Robinson

    Luc is an enthusiastic traveler who loves to surf, ski and play golf. Chasing those pursuits has taken him all around the world, most recently to Japan. Despite a love for activities, Luc thinks the best way to see a new place is just to wander on foot.

    He went to Williams College before working as a consultant at Bain & Company. He’s now working on a variety of projects, first and foremost, trying to make everyone’s adventures just a little bit more charitable.

  • Yannick Pichler
    London, Ontario
    Yannick Pichler

    Yannick is a Mechanical Engineer who graduated from Queen’s university and is currently in the process of completing his MBA at the Ivey School of Business. After living in the big city for two years, he moved to Banff, Alberta to ski, golf, bike and hike. He used to run the Engineering department at the Fairmont Banff Springs. As an outdoor enthusiast, and sports fanatic in general, Yannick’s travels have taken him to some amazing places with incredible cultures. He looks forward to continue checking boxes and Leaving A Trace as he does so.

  • Keval Soni
    Lead Designer
    Chicago, Illinois
    Keval Soni
    Lead Designer

    Keval is a project manager based from Chicago, Illinois. With huge passion in traveling and exploring, he has visited many different countries around the world. Keval really loves to travel as a local and explore different cultures, traditions and food all over the world. Some of his favorite activities include; hiking, rock climbing, cliff jumping and many more.

    Keval always believed in giving back to the world and making difference as much as he can. Normally, he volunteers locally and helps charities and non profits reach their goal. With his mantra in his mind “real happiness comes from giving back”, he is very excited about Leave a Trace and making difference in the world!

  • Alexandra Laframboise
    Director of Marketing
    Whistler, British Columbia
    Alexandra Laframboise
    Director of Marketing

    Alexandra is a recent Fitness and Health graduate who escaped the city for the mountains. After three summers exploring Banff and the National Park she is trying her hand at what Whistler has to offer. With a love for the outdoors, travelling and experiencing new adventures, she hopes to share this passion with others locally and across the globe. A firm believer in "take only memories, leave only footprints", she hopes to give back to the places she visits by Leaving A little Trace.

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