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November 23, 2016

GRA is an integrated industrial services and difficult access solutions company. Our model provides crews of multi-disciplined tradesmen and access technicians that are certified rope access and confined space technicians for work and rescue. We provide access systems that reduce cost, improve production and ensure safety. Global Rope Access provides work forces of highly competent tradesmen ensuring high quality, efficiency and professionalism on every job.

As a result of our both specialized and widely-applicable services, we perform work regularly across North America for both long and short term projects. The nature of our work requires that we constantly mobilize our employees across the country to work on a variety of projects. This means that we constantly book travel and accommodations for our staff, often on short notice. This is where we turn to Leave A Trace.

As a global company, it is important to our mission to leave a positive impact on all of our jobs, from quality, to environmental, to social. Leave A Trace allows us to incorporate that mission into our daily work by booking all of our travel and logistics through the online platform. Since we try to book flights easily and at low cost, we already use websites such as Priceline and Expedia. Using Leave A Trace to access those sites was a no-brainer. The LAT platform and Chrome Extension (just a reminder to use LAT), makes the whole process as easy, but provides the additional layer of positive impact that is important to our business and our Corporate Social Responsibility.

“GRA has generated hundreds of dollars in commissions that have gone towards amazing causes around the world.”

Since adopting a booking process that included Leave A Trace, GRA has generated hundreds of dollars in commissions that have gone towards amazing causes around the world. Those dollars brought books to under funded schools across Africa and Asia with Library For All, fought the forest fire in Fort McMurray with the Red Cross and funded exciting small business loans to entrepreneurs in Central America through (Alexander and Carlos Alberto). Every time we book a trip, this impact leaves a great feeling.

LAT has provided an easy and cost-free way for us as a company to leave a positive impact as a direct result of our daily operations. If you, or someone you know, books a lot of travel for work, I’d love to talk to you about how easy it is to do so through Leave A Trace. You can reach me by email anytime or feel free to chat me up if I’m just hanging around!


See what I did there?

Just use Leave A, there’s no reason not to.

– Katie

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