Book with Leave A Trace from January to March. All of Leave A Trace's donations will be made to help flight the refugee cause.

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We are a community of travelers, wanderers and adventurers who all want our journeys to leave the world a little better, not a little worse. I think it’s an admirable goal. But this past week reminded me so pointedly of the immense privilege we have in even getting to consider it.

Every trip I’ve ever taken involved departing from point A (where I was safe) and arriving at point B (where I was also safe) before eventually returning to point A (where I was still safe). For so many refugees fleeing violence in the Middle East and headed for America, safety is nowhere to be found. These refugees had been displaced from their homes, undergone years of vetting and were then turned away on arrival under the guise of “security concerns”. By now you may have seen the stats — immigrants in the US commit crimes at half the rate of people born there, and refugees tend to be among the safest immigrants to accept due to the extreme vetting they undergo.

This is maddening, terrifying and heartbreaking. Turning away those who need our help the most is not who we are. We can’t let it be who we become.

For the next 4 months all of Leave a Trace’s donations will be made to help fight the refugee cause.

Leave A Trace is donating all commissions from January-March to support refugees, starting with a contribution to Mercy Corps and their efforts providing aid on the ground in Syria. Donations support their work meeting the urgent needs of 2.5 million displaced people both inside Syria and in neighboring countries, distributing emergency food and supplies, increasing access to clean water and sanitation, improving shelters, and creating safe spaces and activities to help children heal from trauma.
We hope you’ll join us in continuing this fight.


If you would love to help support us, click the link below : Every little bit helps get the word out !

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