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About Community Partners for Affordable Housing:

Do you know someone who cannot afford decent, safe housing? We all do. We know some who experienced the unexpected loss of a provider in the family, who has declining income and increasing medical costs, or who works hard, but simply cannot afford decent housing. Affordable housing is a basic human need and an anchor for moving forward.

Community Partners for Affordable Housing (CPAH) is part of the solution to providing affordable housing. CPAH is a non-profit that works in the Chicago suburbs to provide home ownership and rental opportunities for low and moderate income households. Those who need affordable housing each have their own compelling story—we invite you to read some of those stories at So far, CPAH’s 80+ units have provided affordable homes for over 95 families. Thank you for supporting CPAH’s work as CPAH continues to address the ever growing need.

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About Leave A Trace:

Leave A Trace is a non-profit travel site, and we want every trip to have a positive impact on the community it visits.

Our site allows users to book travel through the world’s most reputable travel brands while also generating donations to impactful charities worldwide. You book your trip, exactly as you always have, but money goes to charity.

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